Monday, March 26, 2012

feeling small

Sometimes feeling small
can be so awesome.

best friends

My bff and I had a much needed adventure day yesterday.
We went out to Astoria for the day, sunglasses, books and cameras in hand.
We read, sat in the sun, found a whimsical forest of alders, took a zillion photos, drank some good coffee, drank some terrible coffee, had delicious lunch, walked on the beach, bought some antique finds, had some ridiculous laugh attacks and best friend moments, and lots of talk time on the drive there and back.
A great day, indeed.


such a sweet sweet boy.

got it.

Sometimes when I have a portrait session, the kids will run wild or refuse to have their picture taken, like this boy.
He refused to sit still long enough for me to take his picture most of the day and of course my stubbornness kicks in and I am just determined to get a good picture in.
And that's just what happened.
Somehow, I managed to get a shot of him looking very calm and serene.
Gotcha :)
You would never know he was running wild most of the day, ha.

made in oregon

steel bridge reflections