Saturday, July 24, 2010

Detours (July 24th)

Detours tend to be a pain, but this evening my detour led me right into these sprinklers. It was pretty hot today so as I was riding up this big hill on the way home, I was so excited that the path led right into the line of fire. It was absolutely delicious and refreshing.
I think life's detours can be like that, too.

Fremont Bridge (July 23rd)

Snapped these from my bike on the way home.

Jazz the Spazz (July 22nd)

This is my kitty, Jasmine AKA Jazz the Spazz.
I got her when I was in high school and she lives with my parents on Bainbridge.
She's a cutie, but let me tell you, she drools like you would not believe.
It's pretty hilarious actually.

Little Ava (July 21st)

Seattle Waterfront (July 20th)

Walking around the pier on the Seattle waterfront.

Pike Place Market (July 19th)

Ferry sights (July 18th)

Sights from the Bainbridge Island Ferry
It never gets old.

Audrey Rose (July 17th)

Is there anything more sweet than a sleeping baby in your arms? I don't think there is.

Capitol Hill (July 16th)

Capitol Hill is home to a lot of music venues and I am always fascinated by all the posters for shows that cover the sides of buildings.

Driving in the sunshine (July 15th)

I make the drive to and from Seattle several times a year and most of the time by myself. So for lack of a conversation buddy, I like to entertain myself by taking pictures while driving. I'm safe, don't worry. It's fun to just take them without looking and see what happens.
This one just says summer to me.

Green Bean Coffee House (July 14th)

The Green Bean was my favorite coffee house in Seattle when I was living up there and last year it burned down. It was such a sad sad thing. The Bean was such a meeting place, so full of warmth and conversation and good good people. I have met so many good souls in that place. Another coffee house graciously lent them their space so they could continue to serve Greenwood and hold community events etc. And just this past week, they re-opened just around the corner from their original location in an old McDonald's building.
The place is cute and I am so excited for them and all the memories and conversations that will be had within these walls.

Greenwood (July 13th)

Monday, July 12, 2010

The Golden Hour (July 12th)

I have always loved that heavenly golden glowy time of day. It's my favorite time to take pictures. I was gushing about how pretty everything looks during that time with a customer of mine who happens to be a photographer. He informed me that this magical time of day is known to photographers as the "golden hour".
So, now I'm in the loop, and you are, too!

Josh and Amber's wedding (July 10th)

Josh and Amber got married on Saturday and it was the most perfect day for a wedding. It was such a beautiful event and I'm so glad I was able to go and share their special day with them.
Congrats to Josh and Amber Chang!

Monday, July 5, 2010

bridesmaids (July 5th)

So this is my second post of the day but I just had to post a couple pictures from Kelley and Evan's wedding on Saturday. Just started editing a couple and there are some great ones with the bride and bridesmaids. They are naturals in front of the camera. So much fun!
Congrats Kelley and Evan Dickson!

country roads (July 5th)

I took this on the way to a wedding in North Plains. I love it out in the country. It's so dang gorgeous.
I used to take pictures out the window while driving all the time with my little point and shoot but it's a little more difficult with my SLR..I like how this one turned out with the barn all blurry.

out in the woods (July 4th)

I went camping with all the lovely women that I work (minus a couple favs) for the weekend out by Hood River. We set up our tent in a lovely little meadow right by the river. It doesn't get much better than that.
We were surrounded by pure beauty, lovely on the eyes.
I am a lucky girl.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Pups (July 3rd)

Living with dogs is pretty hilarious sometimes and also annoying at times. But I can't not love these two. Charlie and Caper are a couple of my favorites and they generally play along when I bring the camera out.

Caper's "I haven't eaten in months, will you feed me?" face. *

* Don't fall for the face! Caper eats twice a day and then some if he can get his paws on pastries I leave on the counter.

Monthiversary Flowers (July 2nd)

My lovely roommate received some gorgeous flowers from her boyfriend on their one month anniversary, or monthiversary if you will. What a sweet gesture, eh?
I couldn't help myself when it came to taking a zillion pictures of the beautiful bouquet.
Love the color scheme and the unique flowers.