Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Smiles are contagious (Oct 22nd)

Isn't her smile contagious.

Kodak Moment (Oct 21st)

This, I miss.

Art Making A Difference (Oct 20th)

This artist, Jerry Moses, is getting a lot of attention in Haiti lately. I have seen his art all around Port Au Prince and will always try to get a shot of it out the car window. They are always powerful illustrations and messages. Most recently, he has been hired on to spread health information around the city about how to prevent the spread of the cholera epidemic. MSNBC covered a story about his work. Check it out.
This shot is from my last trip in September.
Pretty powerful.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Good day, Sunshine (Oct 19th)

When I was home on the island, the sun was shining so great in the morning that I decided to run outside with my two cameras and phone camera to document the prettiness.
The tree, the sun, the dew on the grass, what a beautiful morning.

When the rain comes (Oct 18th)

Take shelter!

Look Up (Oct 17th)

Fall walks are the best.

Fond Parisien (Oct 16th)

The beautiful view from the Love A Child Property where we stayed. This is the view of the town, Fond Parisien. Camp Hope was located about a mile to the right.

Morning Yearning (Oct 15th)

The world awakens on the run
And we’ll soon be earning
We’ll soon be earning
With hopes of better days to come
That’s a morning yearning
Morning yearning

Like a summer rose I’m a victim of the fall
But am soon returning
Soon returning
Your love’s the warmest place the sun ever shines
My morning yearning
My morning yearning

Morning yearning…
-Snippets of Ben Harper's 'Morning Yearning'

Monday, October 25, 2010

Beauty in Orange (Oct 14th)

Different neighborhoods (Oct 13th)

"I shook my tambourine the whole time,
because it helped me remember
that even though I was going through different neighborhoods,
I was still me."

Palms in Water (Oct 12th)

One afternoon, we went down to the lake a couple miles from the camp for a swim. It was a sweet little resort/private beach/up and coming club. It was so beautiful.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Hope (Oct 11th)

I was driving to work this morning with the defrost on full blast and nothing was happening, very fast anyway, so I had to pull over because it was so fogged up I couldn't see a thing.
While I was waiting I decided to draw on my window and at least entertain myself. And here's what I got.."HOPE." Big surprise in word choice, eh?
What can I say, it's my favorite.

Morning (Oct 10th)

When I was on the island last weekend I went for a walk in the morning. I wandered through the construction site across the street and it was so pretty, everything all covered in dew and sunshine.
I loved this spider web. Though the spider was gone...I think he may have taken a morning walk, too.

Mmm... Pie (Oct 9th)

The most amazing apple pie in the WORLD.
Oh I am so humble.
I should slice me a piece of humble pie.
Oh I am so cheesy.

Coffee (Oct 8th)

Sunday, October 17, 2010

St. Johns Bridge (Oct 7th)

Art up close (Oct 6th)

Art sculpture close up

Dandelion (Oct 5th)

Book Exchange (Oct 4th)

Taking a break from posting Haiti photos, here's more from Portland.
A very Portland idea, too.
People can leave books in the mail box or pick up books out of the mail box for free. A great way to share good reads with our neighbors.

Friends (Oct 3rd)

Hope. (Oct 2nd)

Hands down, my favorite image from the trip.

Joy in the ordinary (Oct 1st)

Peton (Sept 30th)

Peton was one of the guards on the compound where we were staying. He would often walk over to our place and sit on the porch talking with us in French. I may have caught one out of four words he said.. What a sweet sweet man.
And he had awesome toe socks with lips on them that he wore with his flip flops, now THAT is style, my friends.

Love that hair (Sept 29th)

I absolutely love her hair.
This girl was precious and a bit of a mischievous one, too.

Cutie (Sept 28th)

Thomas (Sept 27th)

Our translator at Camp Hope.
He was so good to us and an amazing translator and also so stylish!