Friday, February 26, 2010

raindrops (Feb 26th)

I love the rain the most when it stops. -Joe Purdy

Thursday, February 25, 2010

books and naps etc (Feb 25th)

Just another lazy afternoon spent reading and napping. The one downfall of turning the heat off during the day when no one is home is that sometimes, I'm home and it's freezing. This is remedied by staying in my bed.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Stained Glass tricks (Feb 24th)

I was at Tabor Space this morning, a non-profit coffee house where my friend Robyn volunteers as a barista and the space has lovely stained glass windows. I took this of a stained glass window through another window and I like how it did this crazy thing.

Hope is Alive (Feb 23rd)

Hope is Alive.

the frills (Feb 22nd)

I have my scarves hanging on the wall and got distracted just watching my scarf blow around because of our heater and thought it was kind of pretty.

Washington (Feb 21st)

Bah, thought I took a picture on this day but I did not..and I also thought about posting this one for yesterday because it's kind of crazy. It reminds me of space and satelites.

try (Feb 20th)

I don't know who this graffiti artist is, but I see their work everywhere, the word "try" is following me around!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Spring! (Feb 19th)

Cherry Blossoms are my favorite part of Spring. Spring hasn't quite arrived, but it sure feels like Spring this week. Can't wait to see more of these pretty flowers.

Lynwood Theater (Feb 18th)

I grew up going to this theater at least once a week. It was the thing to do on the Island, mostly because there was nothing else to do. I love this old theater. The island now has a new mega theater (4 screens!) and this one is now the Historic Lynwood Theater. They show the cooler indie films. Though, I have not heard of Crazy Heart, which may mean I am not cool or indie enough..hmm..

suspended. (Feb 16th)

I somehow did not take a picture on Tuesday. Tuesdays are so busy and I was getting ready to head up to Seattle, which is where this picture was taken. Natalie and I were walking around Greenlake, one of my favorite places of all time and this heart was just suspended from the trees. I wonder how many people notice it. We just saw it by chance, but it made my day.

friends (Feb 17th)

Natalie and I being all creative. I can't remember who's idea it was but I like it.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Hope is Vital (Feb 15th)

Only managed to take a blurry photo in the car on the rainy drive home from the Refuge group I lead. It was a good night and one most definitely centered on hope, so this was a nice reminder on the drive home.

Steel Bridge (February 14th)

Happy Valentine's Day
I always think old antique-y pictures are so romantic looking so that's what I'll give you for the V-day post.
Another shot from my bike on the Broadway Bridge.

Fremont Bridge (Feb 13th)

Due to car troubles, I've been riding my bike to and from work and it's been so refreshing. I love the time I have to gear up or wind down for or from work. It's not a tough ride and I love the energy I get from the thirty-some minute bike ride.
I like to stop on the Broadway Bridge on the way to or from work because it's just so darn beautiful.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Good Winter (Feb 12th)

I love the band Bon Iver, one of my favorites of all time.
I always play the album at work and one of the girls asked me where the name came from. I had no clue, so I did what people do when they don't know and I googled it.
Bon Iver means "good winter"
I like that.

Under the table (Feb 11th)

I don't stretch or sit on the floor often, but I did both the other day.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

African Charlie Brown Tree (Feb 10th)

Isn't my little plant cute? My step-brother and sis in law got me this plant for Christmas a few years back. I had just gotten back after a summer in Malawi and was obsessed with all things African. I was so excited to have an African plant but nervous about killing the thing. I felt better when Deane told me that I only had to water it like once a month, which is great because that's about how often I remember to water it.
It's an odd little plant, but I love it. I just look at it and in my head cheer for it,
"grooooooooow little buddy!"

Good Day Sunshine (Feb 9th)

Spring is coming! I love waking up to sunshine. I love how it just pours in through the windows. It makes me actually want to wake up early and enjoy the day rather then rolling over and sleeping a few more hours.

Monday, February 8, 2010

a do run run (Jan 8th)

It was a gorgeous afternoon in portland today. I could have gone running. I would have been so proud of myself if I had, but I did not. I went for a long stroll along the waterfront with my camera and got the same adrenaline rush and endorphins that follow a good run.

love. (Feb 7th)

If you haven't noticed already. I like taking pictures with words in them. I have a deep love of words and photography and it's fun when the two get to mingle.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Bamboo(zled) (Feb 6th)

I like bamboo; do you like bamboo, too?

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Old Wooden Chairs (Feb 5th)

I'm not sure anyone ever sits in these chairs, but I like their oldness.
I like old things and old people :)

Friday, February 5, 2010

♥ . (Feb 4th)

♥ .
Yes, this is a stand-in cheater picture.
But you read about the devastating loss of my laptop, right? I deserve a freebie...

believe. (Feb 3rd)

Karyn, Will and I went to the coast on Wednesday.
It was a day filled with gummi candy, jelly beans, singing in the car, picture-taking, breakfast for lunch, deep fried candy bars, rain, running with our eyes closed, writing in the sand, walking in puddles and also, grieving the loss of my laptop.
Have no fear, because I was only without laptop for maybe 24 hours. I bought a replacement yesterday because I just can't go without one.
So yay! And Will gave me his code for Lightroom, the Photoshop program (Awesome!) so I was experimenting with the crazy functions this it.

morning sunshine (Feb 2nd)

I woke up the other morning around 7 or so and snapped a picture because the light was so pretty. And in true Shannon fashion, instead of waking up and enjoying the sunny morning I stumbled back into bed to sleep into 9:30..

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Edria (Feb 1st)

Holy Moly, it's February already. That whole month just flew by.
And it's another picture from the room since it's the end of a long but fun day and I needs a picture.
This is just on my book shelf, some essential oils (who doesn't love the smell of rain?) and a picture of my little love, Edria from Malawi. She is a special one and I miss her madly.