Sunday, January 10, 2010

Be Happy (Jan 10th)

Be Happy.
Another last minute picture. I think you guys will be seeing a lot of random pictures from my room. I often forget to take a picture for the day until I am already in bed and then just look around the room for something fun to take a picture of..which can result in some pretty cool photos.


  1. ok i really think this was the best idea ever for you. it is so inspiring to look at everyday. this is so totally you, way more than the writing thing was. you know what i mean? you capture the world so much more completely with your eyes than with your pen and paper and words. and i really appreciate that about you. it inspires someone like me who often needs his eyesight adjusted slightly.

    i just wanted to share that with you

  2. thanks so much derek! that means a lot. i have been loving this idea and how it forces me to get out and take pictures more, and being forced to do more of what you love is not such a bad thing :)

    i'm not giving up on the writing thing. still love that but more for myself to read.