Wednesday, February 10, 2010

African Charlie Brown Tree (Feb 10th)

Isn't my little plant cute? My step-brother and sis in law got me this plant for Christmas a few years back. I had just gotten back after a summer in Malawi and was obsessed with all things African. I was so excited to have an African plant but nervous about killing the thing. I felt better when Deane told me that I only had to water it like once a month, which is great because that's about how often I remember to water it.
It's an odd little plant, but I love it. I just look at it and in my head cheer for it,
"grooooooooow little buddy!"


  1. oh my gosh. i love it. i really love its seeming imperfection. i want to kiss it!! =)

  2. Shannon - I've really been enjoying your photos and this process and journey you're on! I love this photo, espeially after we were talking about plants the other night at FPU. The personality that exists in this simple plant is remarkable.

  3. I love the frame behind the tree :)

  4. Try giving it more light. Don't give up!