Friday, March 5, 2010

Madrone Lane (March 5th)

Madrone Lane is the home of my most favorite bakery, Blackbird Bakery.
Their toast and jam is HEAVEN.
Now, I'm not a toast lover in general. I love my cereal in the morning but this toast is on fresh baked bread and fresh made berry jam. It's so amazing that they make shirts that say
"I ♥ toast!"
and people paint this on the street

Also notable, blackbirds hang out in the trees outside.


  1. i'm going up there in a month, but the website says its closed?? not the case?

  2. it's most definitely open! several years ago they closed due to an oven fire but they've been open and thriving for years :)

    oh, you're going to love it. don't forget to try the toast!