Monday, November 8, 2010

Winner of the GOOD photo contest! Woot! (Nov 4th)

I entered a photo contest on a whim a few weeks ago for an online/print magazine called GOOD. They asked for readers to send in a picture of their favorite trees and a little blurb about it. I remembered this little seedling that I took a picture of in Port Au Prince and sent it in.
They picked it for their slide show out of many others and then the 17 in the slideshow were voted on and my little Haiti seedling won!
I won a free subscription the magazine, a free t-shirt and they'll print my picture in their next issue. Hooray!
Thanks to all my friends and family who voted for my picture and for hoping for Haiti in the long process of healing and recovery from the earthquake in January.

you can read and see the photo on the website here.


  1. Congratulations! that is very cool! Just the first step on a long journey for you I presume. This is just the beginning is what i mean to say

  2. CONGRATS! i'm proud of you :)