Monday, March 7, 2011

Calling all volunteers

Hands of Light in Action, the organization I went to Haiti with the past couple times is planning another trip in June...
Perhaps you've thought about going to Haiti yourself or you know someone who is interested in going...I really encourage you to entertain the thought; it will change your life.
I am hoping to go for the last week of the three week time frame.
From the Hands of Light in Action facebook page:
We are accepting past volunteers, first time volunteers and awesome 16 year olds and older. We need volunteers willing to teach basketball, volleyball and soccer drills plus so much more. We could use anyone with sports medicine background, PTs and even an RN plus many many non medical volunteers. We are estimating that we will be teaching about 300-500 children!!! I will post more about our trip but if you are interested email me at You are welcome to come for 1, 2 or 3 weeks. If there is a great response, we will be looking into extending the camp for 3 more additional weeks. At this time, the dates are June 5-26. This trip will be an experience like NO other! Dig out and update your passport, update your shots if needed, sign up, start looking for flights and start to fundraise for your trip! JOIN US!!!

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