Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Life in Camp Hope

As I type this, the team that's headed to Camp Hope are running around checking things off their "to-do" lists and counting down the number of sleeps until Haiti.
I won't be joining them this time and it kills me; it literally aches in my heart.
I just want to be with them and joke with them and experience joy with them.
But it will have to wait, and until then I will be with my people here and joke and experience joy here, and wait until I can go back again.
Enough, whining.
I am thrilled to be sending down the second half of our portrait project to the camp.
In February, Carly and I went from tent to tent capturing the lives and faces of the residents of Camp Hope and promising them a portrait of their family to keep.
This is the awesome part of it too. Something that was intangible and a possible false promise from a couple American girls will become a beautiful tangible gift for these families.
I don't have loads of money to give away but I do have a camera and time, so that's my gift.
It's a small gesture, but I know they will be so grateful for it.
That makes me happy.

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