Wednesday, January 26, 2011

fifty years.

Ed and Linelle.
They are the parents of my wonderful boss, Erin.
I get to see Ed once a week or so as he helps out with getting supplies for the Dragonfly and occasionally he'll work a weekend morning and help with dishes. Most of the time we end up chatting about his day and his workouts, but if we're lucky and have time he'll tell me stories of his travels or just stories about living and learning. He's our favorite and we all call him Papa D at the Dragonfly because he's like a grandpa to all of us.
I had the privilege of joining in their celebration of 50 years of marriage a few weeks ago. Let me tell you, they have found a love that lasts. In each other they have found a best friend and soul mate. Someone to weather the joys and sorrows of life. They have raised two kids and entertain an adorable granddaughter during the week. They have traveled the world, snapping pictures of elephants and monuments and their silhouettes in the sunset.
What I think is the most amazing about Ed and Linelle is that they grow in love as the pages of their story are written.
They are still interested in knowing who the other is and taking time to know the other.
Even after all these fifty years, they are continuing to get to know each other and enjoy each other. They amaze me.
I've only known them a few years but they are happier now then when I first met them.
There must have been forty other people at this celebration, friends from grade school, college, jobs, and a couple from The Dragonfly. You could just feel the joy filling the room. This community of people came to acknowledge something beautiful and important, a love that lasts. They have been with Ed and Linelle through the years, through the great times and the incredibly hard times. They have seen them through it all. We all know how many marriages don't last and how many just end and don't make it through the hard times and that's why I am so inspired and filled with hope when I see a marriage like Ed and Linelles that lasts.
In the presence of great love like that, you can't help but stop and acknowledge and be grateful and thankful for such a blessing.

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