Saturday, January 1, 2011

Simplify (Dec 31st)

Have nothing in your home that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful. ~ William Morris

I'm making an effort to simplify, everything really. I've been going through my closet and boxes and getting rid of so much stuff that I don't ever use or wear or need and it is so freeing.

It feels good to have more space and less clutter. So here's to a new year and keeping it simple.

And that's the end. 365 photos, 365 days.
I wasn't quite consistent enough to take and post a picture every day; life got a little crazy in there with trips to Haiti and work and job searching.
I'm going to keep it much more laid back in the coming year, keep it simple and post a picture when I have one I want to show you all. Which will probably be a lot so I hope you'll keep checking back.


  1. Well done Shannon... a year of some awesome pictures! Looking forward to more! :)

  2. Yes, excellent. I hope you take a step back and feel such a sense of accomplishment from this last year. Quite a year of overcoming and pushing through.

    I pray for renewed passion and energy for you in 2011.

  3. I also wanted you to know that you won an award on the below site. Congratulations!

    Check it out:

  4. Thanks so much Will! I'm looking forward to your new bloggity blog this year as well!

    Derek, thanks! Thanks for the encouragement AND the blog highlight of 2010 award, I'm honored :)
    And I'll need that renewed passion and energy, for. sure.

    It's only been 2011 for three days and I've already taken a bunch of pictures, stay tuned :)