Wednesday, February 16, 2011

send me on my way

Can I start this post by saying real quick that it was SNOWING when I woke up this morning in Portland. I haven't really seen more than 4 snowflakes all winter and it was just comin' down this morning.
I looked out the window and started laughing.
Big things happen when I leave the country.
Karyn and Annie both got engaged when I left for Haiti in September.
Who knows what craziness will happen when I leave this time..

Friends, at this very moment. I am en route to Port Au Prince, Haiti. Well, currently I am sitting in a PDX airport Starbucks using the free wi-fi (love it).
It's been so busy these past couple months that I don't even think I announced via blog that I was heading back to Haiti. I haven't even had much time to think about and pray about what's in store for this trip until now.
I'm so stinkin' excited to have the opportunity to go back so soon. I wasn't even really thinking about a return trip until the summer rolled around but life throws funny curve balls sometimes and here I go, with a paid week of vacation and enough money fundraised for my last trip to pay for a bulk of this trip. I just love when God busts the doors wide open. I respond well to that. GO!
Okay, here I go!
Um..I could do this...I could go there...Or what about there..?
Most of the time I just need that neon sign, that 2x4 that makes the road ahead unmistakable. I got that neon sign so here I am on my way.
Carly (a friend I went to Haiti with last April) and I will be returning to work on a portrait project in Camp Hope, an IDP camp about an hour outside of Port Au Prince. We'll get to see patients that we worked with before and continue building those relationships.
Basically, our time will be mostly going from tent to tent talking with families, hearing their stories and taking pictures. Carly is going to do some colored pencil art projects with the kids in the camp and I am hoping to lead some mini photography classes for some of the amputees. I've got a handful of disposable cameras and really want to see them take the world into their own lens and see the world through their eyes.
In my world, this is a dream come true.
I cannot wait.
Just, three more airports and stops between me and Camp Hope.

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